Hello, I am Bonaquack, a co-administrator of Vietnam Key Fan Center, which is a unofficial site for Vietnamese Key Fanclub, a small fan-club at a Vietnamese Sharing site called Vnsharing.net. I’m also playing a part is Key Song translation section, and some other songs due to my own interest. However, since I don’t want to post too many non-Key lyrics, I decided to created another page for the use of storing those of my favorite songs.

On this page, sometimes, you will see the English Translation. However, most of them aren’t translated by me, I just collect them from AnimeLyrics.com, Atashi-Words of Song, et cetera… with a copyright under the translation. However, there are lyrics which haven’t been translated into English yet, I’m planning to let them have an English translation, together with the Vietnamese Translation I have done. Therefore, if you don’t mind, wait for a short…err, I’m not sure that it can be called short time or not, ’cause I’m busy with studying at a University of Medicine.

Anyway, the construction of this blog is currently in progress. At first, I decided to copy all my posts at Vietnamese Key Fan Center before taking any further step.

Thank you for reading.

Hochiminh City, Vietnam, 2012