GATE OF STEINER (ALTER.) – Steins;Gate 0 Hidden OST – Eri Sasaki

Composition: Takeshi Abo
Lyrics: Shikura Chiyomaru
Vocals: Sasaki Eri

This is a hidden and unused track from Steins;Gate 0.
Originally Uploaded and Transcribed by NightLight, please support him by subscribing his channel and press Like to the clip:
The transcription used in this video has been edited by me, so that it could make a little more sense. Clip itself is also made by me too.
In terms of the meaning of the song, from my perspective, it is a requiem and/or pray and/or monologue from Okabe to “Kurisu”. However, since the words were not clear enough, it could possibly be the opposite, which leads the whole lyrics to a seriously creepy one-in which “Kurisu” and “Maho” invite Okabe to their Amadeus World.
Anw, what is your theory. Let me know below.

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